Can a low ticket or medium priced ticket affiliate marketing program lead to financial freedom?

Let's see.

By low ticket I mean 5 to 50 dollars American. Medium ticket could be up to 97 dollars.

There is a grey area between 97 dollars and 297 dollars but I think the low end of high ticket is 297 dollars.

Let's just agree to refer to affiliate marketing as AM from here on. So we have LTAM, MTAM, and HTAM.

The big problem with low ticket AM (LTAM) is that you have to make a great number of sales in order to be

profitable. Medium ticket (MTAM) is not much better.

There is a saying that money loves speed, well, low ticket LTAM and medium ticket MTAM are, almost by definition, slow.

Going slow and arduously are huge reasons why 90% of affilate marketers lose money.

Big money moves fast. Does anybody want slow cashflow when fast cahflow is achievable with the same level of effort?

There are hight ticket programs wherein the lowest commission is $1000!!!

And, there are step by step programsĀ that get you there.

One big key to success in high ticket is to redefine your target market.

You would primarily beĀ adverising to business owners and entrepreneurs. That is totally doable.

And, those that came before you will help you do it.

Just find the high ticket program that resonates with you and then model those who have succeeded with that program.

Sounds simple but it does require work and investment.

If you are ready, willing, and able you can make big!!!

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